Who We Are

Australian Basketball Combine (AUBC) is powered by Australian Basketball Development (AUBD) which has over 13 years experience operating in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

AUBD was started by 15 year NBA veteran Sedale Threatt and his son Sedale Threatt Jr who has played 12 seasons in Australia. AUBD’s primary focus was and is stil the development of junior Australian basketball players who want to play in the American college system and / or professional leagues around the world. To date AUBD has helped over 80 athletes reach their goal of playing collegiately and professionally.

We are now utilising our expertise and intimate knowledge of Australian basketball & player development to help facilitate opportunities for players wishing to play professionally in the region by starting Australian Basketball Combine (AUBC).

Our Australian Story

Threatt originally came to Australia from the USA in the 2003 to work in the basketball industry. After spending an extended amount of time here and immersing himself into the Australia culture, Threatt decided to stay and invited his son Sedale Jr to come and experience the country. At that time, Sedale Jr, was playing and studying at California State University, Bakersfield.

It was in 2004, that his son, Sedale Jr came on vacation to Australia. In his time here, Sedale Jr found an opportunity through an American friend to play basketball here in Australia and signed a contract in the Victorian based Big V competition.

Shortly after, Sedale Jr met and married his wife and 2007 gained Australian permanent residency.  As a permanent resident Sedale Jr was able to open his own Australian business and in the same year established Australian Basketball Development (AUBD).

Sedale Jr remembers the difficulties that arose as he worked hard to establish a life here in Australia “It was difficult for me on the court to transition to a different style of play and the FIBA game that is run completely different to what we are used to back home.  It took me some time to adjust and earn the respect of the officials, fans and basketball community at large.  Fortunately,I had a good group of guys around me.  Obviously my father who at the time was also coaching SEABL, he got my mind right.  His years as a pro, just knowing how to adjust into different systems and how to keep your mind right, its priceless.  I also had a great friend Neal Wen, Sports Scientist who trained me everyday and got my body right.  I was even more fortunate to have Lanard Copeland who mentored me and Darryl “Dmack” Mcdonald who coached me. It was critical for my progression. These are a couple of American guys who carved the way for us here in basketball in Australia.  These guys also supported my business as coaches and mentors for the junior athletes at AUBD, helping me establish a thriving brand and business.  I guess that is what we would like to be able to do for other Americans who are looking at opportunities in Australia. Its a great country and you can have a great life here”.

Sedale Jr’s hard work and increased performance led him to earn multiple individual accolades and a contract with the NBL team South Melbourne Dragons.  Two weeks after signing the contract, the Dragons folded. Sedale discusses his thoughts at that time “I couldn’t be mad, I knew that I had done everything I could earn that spot and Goorjian, one of the most accomplished coaches in Australia, give me a spot on Championship team.. that in its self told me that I was good enough.  So I was right in my mind and had peace with that.  I also had a wife and a now thriving basketball business and I am still getting paid to play in the Big V.  How can I complain? I just knew that my focus had to be on my business now and the next generation”.

Sedale Jr finished his 12 year career in 2016 as one of the top imports in the Big V competition.  He earned various accolades including a 2 x Champion, Grand Final MVP, All Star 5 guard and 6 x Golden Hands winner etc.

The Threatt family continue to create pathways for Australian player into America through Australian Basketball Development (AUBD) and today the Threatt family create pathways for American athletes into Australia through Australian Basketball Combine (AUBC).

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Sedale Threatt, coaching Majok Deng of the NBL Adelaide 36ers Majok Deng


Sedale Threatt Jr wins the MVP for the ANZAC day clash between Sandringham and Dandenong in the Big V Basketball League, Melbourne, Australia